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12 Best Proposal Software for Proposal Creation & Management

You spend countless hours crafting proposals, emailing various departments for assets, gathering photographs, detailing the scope, making schedules, and entering costs. Then you repeat the process for the next prospect. If this is the case, using proposal software can be advantageous.

A more effective way to produce, store, and manage the proposal creation process with improved insight into the sales pipeline and performance is through proposal software. You may be able to cut down on non-billable time spent on the material for sales proposals and improve communication with potential customers by using software to meet these demands.

We’re presenting various proposal development and management technologies for you to take into consideration for the marketing and creative industries in order to modernize your proposal process. And fortunately, some of the tools on this list that help you do that also interface with HubSpot’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

12 best Proposal Software Tools 

1. PandaDoc


Through clever collaboration capabilities, connectivity with several CRMs, and a content library, PandaDoc enables you to quickly and easily develop customized, on-brand proposals. As a result, your new business team will have everything necessary to address the concerns and queries of the prospect. Custom notifications can be enabled to let you know when a customer views a document, how long they read it, and when they sign it.

Additionally, PandaDoc may be used for contract extensions, and the HR solution can coordinate and streamline the hiring process and new hire orientation.



Artificial intelligence is used by the response management software RFPIO to make organizing and responding to RFPs simpler. Businesses can use the tool to collaborate directly in the program while importing a draught proposal into RFPIO and exporting a final document in the format of their choice.

RFPIO’s sophisticated recommendation engine is one of its most distinctive features. The application can propose content from your library of responses that best meets the requirements of a particular RFP using artificial intelligence. In turn, you can include the appropriate parties in a project and rapidly put together a proposal that meets the requirements of the precise RFP you were given.

3. FastSpring IQ

FastSpring IQ

It’s simple to build and distribute customized, interactive quotations to your prospects using FastSpring Interactive Quotes (IQ). As a more contemporary option to lengthy slide decks and PDFs, IQ features customizable components where you may simply incorporate videos, client testimonials, and other supporting assets.

Additionally, IQ enables you to monitor in real-time how prospects respond to the quote so you can determine exactly what interests them. This allows for more effective follow-ups. You may send IQ directly to prospects so they can choose what they need from inside the quotation or use it as a live pricing calculator during demos. Due to the elimination of price negotiations, it is simple to agree on pricing.

4. Proposify


For creative businesses, Proposify was created. Its drag-and-drop interface makes adding various sections to your page simple. An editor that resembles InDesign and allows you to add text, graphics, and videos enables you personalize a proposal. It also provides robust analytics tools, such as the opportunity to analyze the most popular portions of your proposal as well as how frequently and for how long they were viewed.

In order for your new business team to have a better understanding of close rates by month, quarter, and year, the proposal design software also tracks the performance of your proposals over time.

5. Venngage


Venngage, a well-known tool for creating infographics, has recently added a proposal builder to its feature-rich design tools. Users may quickly construct their own attractive proposals using Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor and a large selection of professionally designed proposal templates.

Venngage is also user-friendly for beginners, thanks to its user-friendly interface and round-the-clock customer service. Additionally, it is totally browser-based, allowing you to create proposals even on the go.

6. Qwilr


Without the assistance of your coder, Qwilr makes it simple to generate beautiful, clean web-based proposals and other sales materials. With capabilities like the ability to incorporate interactive content like video, maps, interactive dashboards, and Google Sheets, using its editor is comparable to using a document editor.

It offers a quote and accepts tool for quick and precise pricing, and tracks and reports on what visitors view and click so you can gauge engagement. (Disclosure: Qwilr is a HubSpot integration partner and takes part in the HubSpot Apps for Agency Services Program, which gives the free software to a limited number of Agency Partners.)

7. Bidsketch


By merging previously used sections or by using the company’s example proposal language, you can quickly construct proposals using Bidsketch. It also comes with ready-made proposal templates that you may utilise.

Additionally, it has an area where you can list optional charges in order to take advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. When the proposal is viewed and if it is exported as a PDF, the software will let you know.

8. Loopio


With Loopio, you create a library of RFP responses, tag and categorise them, and then the automation engine uses your content library to automatically construct a proposal.

The ability to link content with a subject-matter expert is another intriguing feature that makes it easy to know who to contact for information updates and customization. The popular tools Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Drive, OneDrive, Slack, and many others are integrated with Loopio.

9. Nusii


The user interface for organizing and producing proposals on this proposal management software is attractive. With Nusii’s drag-and-drop interface, you may rearrange parts and include both fresh and previously used content.

The program provides a collection of expert proposal templates to get you started, reminders for agencies to help you remember to follow up after sending, and other useful features.

10. Proposable


Drag-and-drop creation tools, email and SMS alerts for document views, and analytics to help you better understand your sales pipeline are all features of Proposable.

A framework for estimates is also included to make this portion of the process less difficult.

11. GetAccept


Salespeople can use the e-signature and document tracking software GetAccept.

By presenting the receiver with an intelligent and tailored document they may instantly sign, the technology reinvents the proposal and e-signing workflow. Additionally, the product has live chat and video options.

12. RFP360


RFP360’s user-friendly information management simplifies the response management process, proposal automation, answer intelligence (AI), workflow, collaboration, dashboard, and reporting features.

By integrating RFPs and utilising AI to recommend answers, the solution enables you to consolidate requests for proposal (RFP) answers in a knowledge library, accelerating access to expert solutions and saving you time and effort. In one location, you can assign assignments, oversee deadlines, consult with SMEs, and approve responses. Additionally, you may assess time spent and time saved working on proposals in real-time, as well as examine other crucial metrics.

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