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10 Tips for Keeping Your New iPhone in Good Condition

Now that you probably have your brand new iPhone, you need to make sure you keep it running and in tiptop shape. This list has everything from friendly reminders on how to handle your phone properly to suggestions for the latest and greatest iPhone cases. Read on to find out 10 tips for keeping your new iPhone in good condition.

Handle Your Phone Properly

It seems obvious, but you really want to make sure you avoid dropping your phone or spilling any liquids on it. Another way to handle your phone properly is to optimize your settings which can also extend battery life. Two ways to optimize your phone are to dim the screen and use WiFi. Dimming the screen uses less battery, so just go to your control center and drag the brightness slider down. Using WiFi uses less battery power than a cellular network, so if you’re in the office or at home with a steady WiFi network, make sure your phone is on the WiFi network.

Get a Good Case

The truth is that we can’t always prevent accidental spills and phones from hitting the pavement. That’s why you need a good case. For the latest iPhone models, there are tons of affordable iPhone 13 case options out there that act as inexpensive insurance to make sure your phone stays stylishly protected.

Use a Screen Protector 

You can get a great case that has front, back and side protection. As additional insurance, so you don’t wince the next time your phone slips out of your hands, you’ll want a screen protector. Go for a liquid screen protector to create a crystal-clear protective layer.

Keep It Away From Other Bulky Items 

Whether you’re keeping your phone in your purse or stuffing it into your pocket, keep your iPhone away from other bulky items like keys or credit cards. Keys can scratch up your phone, and so can credit cards.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

We can’t always avoid scorching hot or blistering cold days, but we can do our best to avoid exposing our phones to the elements. Don’t keep your phone out during those sweaty summer afternoons or frigid winter nights. Your phone is still a machine, and even the best machines are no match for Mother Nature. During those extreme weather days, keep your phone out of harm’s way, making sure to keep it in the shade in the summertime and in a bag or pouch in the winter.

Extend Battery Life 

Battery health is an important factor to monitor for your iPhone, and there are ways to maximize your battery’s life and lifespan. According to Apple, there is a difference between battery life and battery lifespan. Battery life is the amount of time your iPhone will run before it needs to be recharged, while battery lifestyle is the amount of time your actual phone battery lasts until it needs a formal replacement. If your phone is running low on battery life and you don’t have access to a charger right away, enable Low Power Mode, which reduces display brightness, minimizes system animation and optimizes your iPhone’s performance.

Moisture Is Not Your Friend 

We can’t stress this enough, but seriously: please don’t get your phone wet. Even if you have a waterproof or super protective iPhone 13 Pro case, you don’t want to play around with liquid just because you can and it looked cool in that one YouTube ad you saw.

Clean Your Phone

If you’re the type of person who enjoys bringing your phone to the bathroom, maybe don’t. The same way you’ll want to wash your hands after being outside because of germs, you need to make sure your phone isn’t holding onto all of those germs either. This is especially important after your long commute on public transit or a trip to the bathroom.

Update Your Phone

Just like you want the latest model or iPhone 13 Pro Max case for your phone, you’ll also want to make sure your smartphone is running on the most up-to-date operating system. Ensure your phone is updated to the latest version by checking your phone’s settings for any updates.

Don’t Download Unauthorized Apps

Don’t download any apps that don’t look legitimate. According to the cybersecurity company Kaspersky, if you’ve ever heard the myth that an iPhone can’t get a virus, it’s false. Yes, it is rare for an iPhone to get viruses because the Apple OS is designed to run each app in a separate, virtual space. However, an unauthorized app or even an unfamiliar app on your iPhone can be a sign of malware. Your iPhone may be affected if there’s a buggy app, your phone is suddenly running out of memory space or if your once healthy battery needs immediate replacing.

With all of these tips and tricks in mind to keep your new iPhone in good condition, you’re sure to smile with confidence the next time you download a trustworthy app or have to venture out into the cold.

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