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AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10


Top 10 AWS Managed Service Provider Companies

Amazon Web Services provides a platform in the cloud for a wide variety of uses, including data storage and management. AWS is used by many businesses because it helps them grow by providing flexible and low-cost options.

AWS Managed Services: Overview

This post will go over AWS and AWS service providers in great detail.

What are AWS Managed Services?

Some of the controlled services that AWS offers are Compute, Storage, Migration, Database, and more. There’s a lot more to say, and it’s hard to fit it all here.

What does AWS Managed Service Providers do?

They know a lot about cloud technology and use that knowledge to manage, automate, and keep an eye on the client’s environment.

  • Operating System Support: Red Hat Enterprise, Amazon Linux, and Microsoft Windows Server are some of the operating systems that AWS Managed Services can work with.
  • Workload: Almost all of the jobs that can run on AWS can be run on AWS managed services.
  • Application Deployment: When an app is deployed, it can be done in three different ways: automatically, by hand, or through an automated process.
  • Supported AWS services: More than 20 services are supported by AWS managed services right now.

ITIL is an industry standard that AWS Managed Services follows.

AWS Managed services provide the following facilities:

Here are the different services that AWS Managed Services offers:

  • Change Management: This feature makes it easy to make the changes.
  • Incident Management: AWS Managed Services keep an eye on your cloud hardware all the time to see if there are any problems. If something goes wrong, it will start a new instance right away.
  • Patch Management: When AWS Managed Services install patches, they do it in a way that doesn’t hurt your business.
  • Access Management: It works with IAM (Identity and Access Management) jobs. Because of this, there will be no need for more than one confirmation.
  • Security Management: AWS Managed services help keep your info safe.
  • Continuity Management: You can make copies of your AWS stacks so that they can be recovered if something goes wrong.
  • Reporting: You will get results and suggestions every month, which will help you get the most out of these services.

Following Is The List of Top AWS Managed Service Providers

#1) Logicata

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: Logicata

Logicata is an AWS Managed Services company with headquarters in the UK. As a part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, Logicata uses a set of advanced tools to make sure that their customers’ Amazon Web Services environments are safe, secure, and up to code.

Since it is a cloud-first MSP, Logicata has no need to manage any on-premises or datacenter infrastructure. Instead, they can focus on helping businesses get the most out of their public cloud investments.


  • Participant in the AWS Partner Network.
  • Engineers certified by AWS.
  • AWS Managed Services use the best tools in the business to do their jobs.
  • Free service to move to AWS.
  • The AWS Cost Optimisation Report is free.

Official URL: Logicata


AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

The US and Europe are home to DICEUS, an AWS service provider. The business focuses on moving and changing AWS clouds, as well as managing, supporting, and giving advice on AWS clouds.

There are many parts to the development process that DICEUS offers. These are business research, planning, UI/UX design, engineering, testing, deployment, and maintenance. You can also get all kinds of cloud-related services here, like moving data to the cloud, cloud computing, cloud advice, cloud migration, and more.

Core Services:

  • Moving to the AWS cloud
  • Management of AWS
  • Support for AWS clouds
  • Back up the database
  • Consulting for AWS
  • Services for engineers

Official URL: DICEUS

#3) Innowise

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

It is safe to say that Innowise Group is a reliable AWS managed service company that offers full managed cloud services to its clients. With more than 16 years of experience in software development, Innowise Group has a strong reputation for giving its customers cost-effective and useful cloud solutions.

The professionals at Innowise Group who are certified by AWS have a lot of experience designing, deploying, and handling complicated AWS cloud environments. When it comes to AWS’s cloud offerings, Innowise Group is in charge of the infrastructure, platform, and application service layers.

Founded in: 2007

Revenue: $80 million (estimated)

Employee Size: 1500+

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA

Pricing Info: $50 – $99 per hour

Min Project Size: $20,000

The business provides a full range of AWS managed services, such as architecture design, migration, rollout, monitoring, and optimisation. Innowise Group works closely with its clients to fully understand their specific cloud needs and then creates solutions that are tailored to those needs.

Because Innowise Group is always focused on quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction, companies of all sizes and types choose it as their AWS managed service provider of choice. As an AWS MSP, Innowise Group’s job is to help its customers reach their goals by giving them secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions on AWS. When you work with Innowise Group, you can use the power of AWS to grow your business in the cloud.

Official URL: Innowise

#4) Cloudways

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: Cloudways

Managed Cloud Hosting is made possible by Cloudways. It began in 2011 and has its main office in Mosta, Mosta.

Developers, design firms, writers, and people who own online stores can all use Cloudways. It lets teams do things like set priorities for project tasks and give roles with fine-grained controls. It will work with all PHP apps. It can help with Managed Website Migration.


  • For high-speed performance, Cloudways offers features like a dedicated environment, free WordPress Cache Plugin, SSD-Based Hosting, Redis Support, PHP 7 Ready Servers, etc.
  • It has security features like two-factor authentication, specialised firewalls, and regular security patches.
  • With Amazon Cloud Hosting Server and Managed services, you will only have one account and one bill.
  • It will give the optimised stack server and cache resources that are usual in the industry that are already set up.
  • Expert help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through chat and tickets.

Official URL: Cloudways

#5) 2nd Watch

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: 2nd Watch

The 2nd Watch came out in 2010. It has places of business in Seattle, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago.

It has tools for Governance, Automation, Security, and Optimisation. They are the best at Mass Migration, Cloud-Native Agile Applications, Mission-Critical Applications, Automation, and DevOps Modernization because they are an AWS Managed Service Provider.


  • They help make things run automatically.
  • It helps with moving.
  • They make settings for new programmes to run in.
  • They will help you with options that use the cloud.
  • They offer Amazon CloudFront, Redshift, Database Migration Service, EC2 for Microsoft Windows, and an Aurora MySQL-Compatible option, among other AWS services.

Official URL: 2ndWatch

#6) 8K Miles

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: 8K Miles

In fact, 8K Miles is named after the size of the Earth. They are ready to offer their cloud services anywhere. They work with businesses that are growing and businesses that are just starting out with cloud services.

Big data analytics, UI/UX mobility, IAM, and AWS Managed Services are some of the services it offers.


  • They will help you take care of the equipment in the cloud.
  • The foundation is easy to grow.
  • They will take care of all of your apps and the surroundings they need.
  • They are in charge of both protection and the infrastructure and applications.
  • Amazon DynamoDB, Kinesis, and Redshift are the AWS systems that 8K Mile works with.

Official URL: 8K Miles

#7) Accenture

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: Accenture

Accenture began in 1989 and has its main office in Dublin, Ireland. From 2015 on, Accenture will offer AWS Managed Services. Accenture is a business that does management advice and outsourcing. It also offers services for technology.

People and businesses in more than 120 countries hire Accenture’s services. Their services are used by many fields, such as banking, insurance, retail, health care, and more.


  • You can count on their help to move your apps to the cloud.
  • It helps make new apps that run in the cloud.
  • They help come up with cloud plans.
  • It offers protection in the cloud, SaaS, and application services.
  • Some of the AWS services that Accenture offers are Amazon EMR, RDS for PostgreSQL, Redshift, and GovCloud (US).

Official URL: Accenture

#8) Cloudreach

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: Cloudreach

Cloudreach helps businesses with their cloud needs. Offers support for Azure and Google Cloud, along with AWS. The business began in 2009 and has its main office in London, UK.

It also has offices in Berlin, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Amsterdam, and other places. Financial services, security services, DevOps services, and managed services are all offered by Cloudreach.


Amazon API Gateway, CloudFront, Kinesis, RDS for PostgreSQL, Redshift, Lambda, and WAF are some of the AWS services that Cloudreach offers.

Official URL: Cloudreach

#9) Smartronix

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: Smartronix

Smartronix began in 1995 and has its main office in Maryland. Smartronix has been a top AWS assistance partner since 2013.

In addition to Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Software Development, and Network Operations, it provides a wide range of other services.


  • Amazon Redshift, GovCloud, Lambda, and Server Migration Service are some of the AWS services that Smartronix offers.
  • You can choose which core and protection services you want based on your needs.
  • For a reasonable price, they offer services like managing antivirus software, installing fixes for operating systems, taking care of alerts, and more.
  • Security services from a team of experts.
  • Offers advanced methods for managing databases.

Official URL: Smartronix

#10) CloudNexa

AWS Managed Service Provider Companies - Top 10

Company Name: Cloudnexa

There are offices for Cloudnexa in both Pennsylvania and Egypt. It has been a partner of AWS since 2008. Based on your business, they give you a set of services.


  • Makes things safer.
  • Better performance.
  • Allows for flexibility.
  • Pricing plans that can be changed.
  • They give you access to their partners’ premium goods.
  • AWS GovCloud (US) is one of the AWS services that Cloudnexa offers.

Pricing Information:

Its plans include:

  • Starter: Starting from $250
  • Business: Starting from $94.

Official URL: CloudNexa


There are a lot of great AWS service providers. Onica is the best choice for the healthcare business because it can offer six AWS services.

When it comes to software and the Internet, Minjar or Nutanix Beam are good choices. For business and consumer services, 2nd Watch, 8K Miles, and Accenture are the best service providers.

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