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GLG Alternatives


Top 10 GLG Alternatives for Large Businesses in 2023

On the market today, GLG is among the top providers of management consulting services. In essence, the goal of this consulting company is to assist in offering professional insights, enabling organizations to make better judgments. These services improve your business process management, project management, customer service, and other areas. With GLG, you can be confident that your business performance will increase.

According to Globe News Wire, the market for management consulting services is anticipated to expand by 9.2% CAGR from $819.79 billion in 2020 to $895.46 billion in 2021; this demonstrates how quickly businesses are investing in these services. Maintain your edge with GLG.

Benefits of using GLG

  • GLG is one of the most extensive B2B insight networks today. They have more than 900,000 professionals who are all knowledgeable in different fields; This makes it possible for GLG to offer enterprises and organizations excellent consulting services, assuring business continuity and better market performance.
  • One of the most thorough and reliable compliance frameworks is provided by GLG. This compliance system enables businesses to benefit from cutting-edge insights via a solid platform backed by GLG professionals and compliance-trained specialists.
  • GLG has a sizable database with hundreds of teleconference transcripts and webcast replays from specific events.

GLG Drawbacks:

  • No broker research is offered.
  • GLG does not use sentiment analysis or sophisticated AI search in its platform.
  • No real-time market monitoring to update users
  • Expert advice and standard qualitative and quantitative research findings are the only content available.

GLG primarily functions as an expert network. As a result, if expert insights are all you need, mixing multiple expert networks in your workflow might be beneficial. Doing so gives you access to even more original and perceptive insights, allowing you to keep up with the industry and maintain an advantage over your rivals.

Pick up a suitable alternative that fulfills your objectives.

How do you operate? Do you collaborate with other teams or team members or work alone? Do you require a tool that can search internal and external company content, connect with other programs, and is easy to use? Make sure the tool you use is appropriate for your research workflow.

What are your objectives? It may be sufficient for some people to have access to a few diverse sources of confidential expert insights. For others, getting a complete picture of the market landscape requires a more comprehensive and robust research solution that gives access to various perspectives, from journalists and businesses to analysts and industry experts. Select a platform that fits your particular business needs and objectives.

GLG is undoubtedly among the most significant management consulting firms in the business. However, given that there are numerous other service providers today. This article advises that you be aware of different options. Below is a list of our alternative management consulting offerings.

Top 10+ GLG Alternatives

1: Skaled


Skaled, a B2B sales consultant, aims to shape the direction of sales. Skaled changes how businesses partner with their clients and conduct business to have a measurable and significant long-term impact on our clients and employees.

The bulk of its clients are startups and mid-sized companies seeking accelerated growth. Every engagement benefits from skaled strategic and tactical skills, driven by outcomes, and is 100,000+ hours of sales leadership experience.

2: Zintro


Zintro is a research sample supplier and expert network that assists firms in finding and hiring highly qualified participants & experts for market research interviews, expert interviews, surveys, diligence, consulting, and project work at an affordable price.

The 500,000+ professionals on Zintro’s platform cover thousands of experts across industry sectors and geographical locations. Zintro is an expert in locating the top specialists for the project at fair rates (20–50% less than the market average).

3: AlphaSense


AlphaSense is a top all-in-one platform for market intelligence and an intelligent search engine. It’s the perfect solution for business and research professionals. Financial researchers to corporate professionals looking to implement a qualitative research strategy supported by exclusive AI technology and automation.

Access to private, public, premium, and proprietary content is made possible by AlphaSense’s vast content universe, which is all indexed, searchable, and available in one location.

4: Guidepoint


Guidepoint matches clients with vetted Advisors from an international professional network who are subject matter experts. By being informed, its advisor’s team can make wiser business judgments.

Nine of the top ten global consulting firms, hundreds of hedge funds (including five of the largest firms), many of the biggest private equity firms, and Fortune 500 businesses are among the clients of Guidepoint International. With fourteen offices across three continents, Guidepoint offers swift, efficient assistance around the clock.

5: Stream


With more than 28,000 expert interview transcripts, Stream is a market-leading resource that gives professionals new perspectives on unfamiliar markets, rivals, and geographical areas. The staff at Stream is always looking for new subject matter experts to keep its database fresh. These experts are chosen based on their knowledge and experience in various fields, including business, technology, communications, and healthcare.

Every month, this call library adds 2,000 transcripts to a growing collection of first-person accounts from current and past clients, executives, rivals, and top business professionals spanning numerous businesses and industries.

6: Velocity Global

Velocity Global

Velocity Global empowers you to create a workforce anywhere by fusing local knowledge and seamless technology across 185+ nations. We make it simple to legally hire, compensate, and manage talent wherever you are. The entire globe is yours with Velocity Global.

As an EoR, Velocity Global oversees the payroll, benefits, and in-country and in-state compliance for the supported employees of its clients. Additionally, its platform provides an Agent of Record (AoR) to simplify payments to contractors worldwide and Independent Contractor Compliance to evaluate a workforce.

7: Tegus


Tegus is another top-notch consulting company that challenges GLG in quality and provides institutional investors with valuable financial data via a searchable insight network and platform. On the Tegus platform, there are over 40,000 expert call transcripts with details on private and public corporations.

Additionally, users can study and analyze numerous resources to comprehend business and market trends. Users can request expert calls and transcripts from management consultants and other experts, just like with Stream and GLG.

8: MeasureMatch


Business executives may improve SaaS, enterprise software, and data capabilities more quickly using the MeasureMatch marketplace. Customers worldwide come to MeasureMatch when they need additional, reliable, competent capacity to progress their digital transformation programs significantly.

You can access over 5,000 systems and data consulting service providers, from strategy to execution. The consultancies, agencies, systems integrators, and independent consultants are of the highest caliber.

9: Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge is an internationally recognized provider of best-in-cloud solutions an award-winning cloud consultancy and implementation company. They give businesses the ability to boost competitive advantage, expedite digital transformation, and raise operational efficiency.

Spaulding Ridge’s Improved insight can lead to higher top-line sales, gross margins, and profitability. It automates financial closure operations and connects financial planning to strategy. It automates customer contracts and onboarding while managing quota and territory more consistently and efficiently.

10: Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry

By unleashing individuals’ full potential and power, Korn Ferry is a platform that provides people and organizational advice services to leaders, organizations, and society. It simplifies daily life and your business operations. It offers technology tools and guidance to attract and keep web clients while excelling in customer care.

By Korn Ferry, sales efficiency rose by more than 78%. A diverse talent pool was made available to satisfy the business’s and jobs’ needs. Excellent training materials that fit assigned jobs are available.

11: HUB Institute

HUB Institute

HUB Institute is the primary resource for significant companies, software platforms, and influential public decision-makers regarding digital and sustainable transformation. It is the entry point for over 1,000 top companies and 70,000 C-Level executives, connecting them to cutting-edge solutions.

HUB Institute, a Paris-based organization, supports you through important conferences, theme reports and articles from analysts, corporate training, and learning excursions abroad.

12: ATG Consulting

ATG Consulting

ATG, a Cognizant subsidiary, is a world leader in Quote to Cash advising, implementation, and managed services for mid-market and big enterprise companies looking to boost their agility in the “everything as-a-service” environment.

ATG provides clients with cutting-edge solutions for transforming and managing their customer and revenue technology platforms by leveraging years of industry expertise and an honed set of delivery accelerators. To help clients achieve their goals faster and support your company’s expansion, ATG Cognizant has always loved creating reusable content.

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