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5 Contactless Payment Options for Your Business

Over the past year, businesses have been investing in contactless payment methods. Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, contactless payments will remain an important part of businesses in the months to come.

Whether your business has completely migrated online or continues to maintain a physical store, you will need to adopt the right tools that allow customers to process payments safely and remotely. Here are a few options for contactless payment schemes you might want your business to adopt:

1. Wearable devices

Smart watches were first introduced as fitness aids. Today, their functionality has expanded to include e-commerce capabilities. Using their smart watches, customers can add their credit to debit card details to payment apps like Google Pay. This allows them to create a virtual card they can use to pay for goods and services. If they want to make a purchase, they can simply select a card and hold it up to a payment terminal. The transaction is completed within seconds without any change of hands taking place.

2. QR Codes 

Another way you can accept payments is through QR codes. Since digital wallets are becoming more popular these days, you can expect customers to ask if you accept payments using QR codes. You might want to include this payment option by connecting with a payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe. With these platforms, your customers will only need to generate a QR code using your preferred payment gateway. The transfer will happen instantly, allowing for a secure and intuitive way to accept payments.

3. ID Scanning

Payment transactions do not only involve a transfer of funds. You might require your customers to send their IDs for verification purposes and background checks. Instead of entering their personal information manually, you can let them use an ID scanner app. This solution involves using a smart ID reader that captures information across a wide range of documents, including embossed IDs, permits, passports, and marriage certificates. With this, your customers can save more time and reduce their exposure to infection. You just need to look for an AI-driven platform that provides an eco-friendly way of scanning ID details.

4. Chip Cards

Prepaid chip cards have been around for a long time and people use them to pay for public transportation services or buy food from vending machines. Your business can also accept payments through these cards. Also known as smart cards, they can be loaded with funds. Your customers will only need to tap the card on a payment terminal which instantly deducts a specific amount from the balance.


Another way you can process payments is through RFID key fobs. This option works the same way as smart cards, but with added functionalities. Made from durable and heat-resistant plastic, they can be used to access doors and process non-financial transactions. By enabling this option, you also give customers an additional and convenient means to send payments.

The future is contactless, so you might as well ride the wave and adopt the right methods for keeping customers safe and making sure you get paid.

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