Pinterest Finds…

Welcome to a new series called Pinterest Finds!

Pinterest has been one of my favorite forms of social media since middle school. I have always enjoyed how there wasn’t a formula to it, that getting the most likes or follows isn’t important, but that my Pinterest boards fulfill my needs and represent my hobbies and interests. Pinterest has also been a go-to resource when it comes to style inspiration and development. Before there were influencers leading the styles and trends of the season, I would rely on Pinterest and the outfits that were recommended to me.

Pinterest was, and continues to be, a source for me to be exposed to new designers, trends and more. Therefore, I have decided to create this new series to highlight my weekly Pinterest finds and what styles I am loving right now! If you would like to discover more through my Pinterest check it out here!

Style 1: white blouse // midi skirt // heels // earrings

Style 2: sweater // undershirt // jeans // sneakers

Style 3: t-shirt // shearling jacket // jeans // boots

Style 1: dress // blazer // tights // boots // belt

Style 2: turtleneck // shearling coat // cheetah pants // western belt // earrings // sunglasses

Style 3: sweater // plaid coat // jeans // belt // boots

Style 1: plaid shacket // sweater // corduroy pants // boots

Style 2: cardigan // houndstooth pants // sneakers

Style 3: turtleneck // vest // jeans // boots // sunglasses

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