Budapest, Hungary

For my first weekend of travel, a group of girls and I headed to Budapest.

As a quick tip Budapest is split into two sides, Buda on the West and Pest on the East. I will be referring to both sides below. Our airbnb was on the Pest side.

We were excited to venture out on our own, but typically before every trip we did our research in order to best understand the environment and culture that we would be entering. First, we knew that euros were accepted in Hungary, but that it would be smart to have their own currency on hand as a back up option. We also planned out a few places that we wanted to visit, such as one of their famous bath houses, Fisherman’s Bastion, and a couple local bars.

However, we also wanted the freedom to explore without feeling rushed. Therefore, we didn’t have a set schedule and were able to do everything we wanted to, as well as explore a large portion of the city.

On our first day we spent our time exploring, understanding the city, and most importantly knowing how to navigate the area from our airbnb.

When it came time to eat dinner on our first night we found a mexican restaurant and I enjoyed a delicious quesadilla with corn salad. Afterwards, we explored the night life and stumbled upon a food market called “Karavan“, where we discovered Hungarian Log Cakes (pictured below).

Overall our first day was incredible and made us all excited for what the tomorrow would bring!

At the beginning of our second day we visited a fun brunch spot that had a homey interior style paired perfectly with comforting breakfast foods. Afterwards, we headed out to explore and see as much of the city that one can within 24 hours.

We began our journey by walking among the streets and stumbling upon beautiful historic buildings. At one point we even came across a cute park with a ferris wheel which gave us a bird’s eye view of the city and helped us map out where we wanted to visit next.

The building that stood out to us was the Hungarian Parliament Building. It is an incredible feature, and it is sat right next to the River Danube. After taking in the views of the building and paying our respects to different Holocaust memorials, we made our way across the river to Buda to explore Fisherman’s Bastion.

Fisherman’s Bastier looks like a castle sitting at the top of the hill, and once at the top you can see all of Pest.

After taking in the breathtaking architecture we headed back to Pest to experience a Hungarian thermal bath. The baths were interesting and definitely something I recommend everyone experiencing, but when we visited the location we were at was very busy.

Afterwards, we took sometime to relax and get ready for dinner. We headed back to Karavan and explored the different food options that each food truck offered. This is an experience I recommend everyone try, because it was a fun and affordable way to try new and exciting foods.

Later on in the night we visited a popular tourist bar called “Szimpla Kert.” We all enjoyed the eclectic style and fun atmosphere of the bar.

As the night went on we found our way back to the airbnb and prepared for the travel back to Italy the next day!

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from the trip below!

One thought on “Budapest, Hungary

  1. what a lovely collection of photos and experiences in Budapest, it was really interesting to see Jane and it also made me remember my trips there 🙂 my first time in the hungarian capital was in 2006 eheh stay well and greetings from Lisbon 🙂 PedroL


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