Weekly Lookbook…

Last semester I was confined to my 4 apartment walls, therefore limiting my style options to athleisure and not much variety. However, with the new year came a new internship, and with my internship I am visiting the office everyday and dressing appropriately for that occasion. With this new opportunity comes a new series of mine called Weekly Lookbook, and this is where I will be documenting the outfits I wear throughout the week and where you can find the exact item, or a similar style.


Zara Sweater // Mother Denim (old, similar style linked) // Madewell Sneakers // Cheetah Earrings (gift, similar style linked)


High Neck Bodysuit (old, similar linked) // H&M Midi Skirt // Black Booties (old, similar style linked) // Mignonne Gavigan Earrings


Zara Plaid Shacket // Zara White Turtleneck // Mango Leather Shorts // Black Tights (old, similar style linked) // Black Sueded Booties (old, similar style linked) // White Drop Earrings


H&M Button Down // Zara Sweater Vest // H&M Denim // Madewell Sneakers // Gold Earrings


Zara Blazer // Zara White Crew Tee // Mother Denim (old, similar style linked) // Madewell Sneakers // Earrings (gifted, similar linked)

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