What I Gifted for Christmas…

Each year for Christmas I focus on one main gift, or multiple little gifts that all correlate, for the different people in my life. I look for gifts that will be used and appreciated by the receiver.

My Mom:

Classic Sampler Collection // Tartlette lil’ bloom

My mom loves mustards, jams, and jellys for charcuterie boards, therefore the sampler collection was a good option for her to try new products, and hopefully find some that she truly enjoys. Along with the sampler collection, I gave my mom the Tartlette lil’ bloom, because I have the larger eyeshadow palette and she likes one of the eyeshadows found in there and wanted to try it out for herself.

My Dad:

The Nutcracker Gift Set

As for my dad, he enjoys snacking on nuts such as peanuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. Therefore, I found a sampler gift set of various seasoned nuts for him to enjoy.

My Brothers:

4 Jars of Handcrafted Spice Blends

All of my brothers enjoy grilling and experimenting with different spices and flavors when cooking. This spice blend set from Etsy was perfect for each of them to try out new recipes.

My Sister-in-Laws:

Basics Manicure Kit // Original Coffee Scrub // A-Beauty Coffee Scrub // Shimmer Scrub // Cosmetic Headwrap // Multicolor Basket // Cream Basket // Pink Basket // Pink Nail Polish // Grey Nail Polish // Red Nail Polish // Coco Colada Body Scrub // Under Eye Patch

For each of my sister-in-laws and my brother’s girlfriend, I put together a spa basket. They each received a manicure and pedicure kit, one of the body scrubs, a cosmetic headwrap, under eye patches, nail polish, shea sugar scrub, and it was all compiled in one of the three baskets.


Wallet // Blue Pullover

For Matthew, he had been talking about getting a slimmer wallet, and I found this affordable one on Amazon. I also purchased a blue pullover for him, one because blue is his favorite color, and two because he is starting his internship soon and I thought he could use a nice new pullover to make a good impression at his office.

My Nephews:

Round the City Rescue Rug // Wooden Town Vehicles Set

As for my nephews, they both love cars, trains, trucks, anything that moves basically. Therefore, I purchased the wooden vehicles and my mom purchased the city rug. Two items that they will hopefully enjoy for years to come!

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