Fall Favorites: Fab’rik

Next up on the Fall Favorites series is Fab’rik!

Fab’rik is a franchise apparel brand that supplies their customers with the latest trends and wardrobe essentials for under $100! Fab’rik store fronts can be found in AL, AR, CO, FL, GA and many more (check this link to find the store nearest to you) and each store represents their mission statement of “High Style with Heart.” Fab’rik’s mission is to create a place where everyone can afford to feel beautiful which means high style with heart, no attitude or sticker shock. They continue this mantra today through their wonderful customer service and hard work.

They are also doing incredible work through their nonprofit: Free Fab’rik. This organization hosts free shopping sprees every week for victims of sex trafficking, domestic violence, and other traumatic experiences. Their mission is to restore dignity, confidence, and hope in these women by reminding them that they are beautiful and worth of more. If you would like to read more about Fab’rik’s nonprofit, Free Fab’rik, click this link and learn how you can contribute to their organization.

Below you will find my favorite fall pieces from Fab’rik (click on the image for the link):













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