The Dogs in My Life…

In order to fully achieve my goal for Spotlight of the Week, I want to include various opinions, discuss different topics, and learn from everyone. Therefore, this week is going to be different from the past posts for this series.

Our Spotlight of the Week are the dogs in my life!

First, we have Rosie who is my roommate Mary Katherine’s (featured in August and October 2020: each month is individually linked) pup. She is a Golden Retriever Lab mix with an energetic personality, and enjoys napping, peanut butter, and playing with her toys. Below are a few of Mary Katherine and Rosie’s favorite products!

Comfort Padded Dog Harness (link):

Mark Katherine uses a Kong harness because it makes it easier to walk with Rosie, it’s more comfortable on Rosie’s torso while also being easy to put on.

Oatmeal Shampoo (link):

Rosie is an active girl who enjoys a bath about every week. Mary Katherine uses Chi Oatmeal Shampoo because it makes her smell like an angel for at least a week.

Classic Dog Toy – Treat Dispenser (link):

When it comes to dog toys kong toys are the best, especially the one above because it also acts as a treat dispenser. Rosie’s favorite treat is peanut butter, and if you smear a little on the inside it’s a great treat for her and a perfect way to keep her occupied.

Top Paw Polka Dot Canvas Waste Bag Dispenser (link):

Carrying dog waste bags is always hassle, but not with the Top Paw dispenser. This waste bag dispenser easily attaches to any leash, and is a cute way to deal with the downsides of looking after a dog.

Training Treats (link):

These Blue Bits are nutritious treats that any dog would love!

Slow-Feeder Dog Bowl (link):

Rosie is a fast eater and pretty much inhales her food. However, with the slow feeder bowl it helps her slow down and actually chew her food.

Tennis Ball Squeaker Set (link):

Another Kong item on our list! Kong products are reliable and last a decent amount of time, which is a good think because Rosie loves anything to do with tennis balls. Whether it’s chasing after them or chewing off the cover, Kong tennis balls have come in handy plenty of times.

Pumpkin Pie Dog Bandana (link):

With Thanksgiving right around the corner Rosie will be sporting this Pumpkin Pie bandana from Etsy. Etsy has the cutest options for dog accessories and every order helps out a small business!

Cloud Collar (link):

If you are planning on having your dog neutered or spayed the Kong Donut Collar is a must have. Rosie started out with the normal cone of shame, but as soon as it was around her neck she acted dead. Therefore, her friend Goose let her borrow his donut collar and she ended up loving it!

Second, we have Goose (left) and Chip (right) who belong to Jake and Lane (featured in August, September, and October 2020: each month is individually linked). These boys love anything and everything that has to do with being outside. Goose is a Brittany and is a fetching fanatic who will chase balls all day if he could, while Chip is a Golden Retriever and is more laid back and loves lounging on the couch. Below are a few of their favorite products. *Not featured, but Lane recommended T.J. Maxx as a great store to shop for affordable pet items, so I am linking their pet page here.*

Mexican Dog Collar (link):

Another Etsy find! Lane loves this collar for Chip because you can customize it and they have matching leashes.

Aspen Pet Adjustable Two-Take Leash (link):

This is a necessity for anyone who has two dogs. This attachment easily clips to any leash and is perfect for walking to dogs at once without having to worried about tangles.

Ball Launcher (link):

For all of the fetching fanatics out there this ball launcher is a MUST for those ball obsessed pups!

Treats (link):

This is Chip and Goose’s favorite treat/bone because they love the smell and taste of bacon (just like the rest of us).

Paw Print Ornament Kit (link):

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a dog lover, the look no further. This Paw Print Ornament Kit from TJ Maxx was easy and is a super cute addition to any Christmas tree!

Third, we have my siblings, Lauren and Chris’s, dog Ollie (featured in September 2020: link)! Ollie is an animated and rambunctious Golden Doodle, and it is very hard for him to sit still. His favorite activities include, but are not limited to, playing in the water, chasing after various toys in the yard, and napping with his mom and dad. Below are a few of Ollie, Lauren, and Chris’s favorite products!

JazzyJ Designs (link):

Etsy alert! Jazzy j collars are great quality with super cute designs. She can really make anything you request, but has holiday (seen above), sports, etc. There are also different sizes and thickness depending on the size of your pup.

Collapsible Dog Bowls (link):

These collapsible dog bowls are perfect and must-have items for anyone traveling or going to the park.

Playpen (link):

This playpen is perfect for young pups. Especially when your puppy isn’t familiar with their surroundings yet, and you have to leave them home alone this is a great product to ensure that they won’t get into anything they aren’t supposed to.

Fieldcrest Farms Bones (link):

Ollie loves these chicken flavored Fieldcrest Farms bones. If you live near a Hollywood Feed you can find them there.

Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats (link):

Dogs love peanut butter and Ollie is no exception! His favorite treats are from Trader Joe’s and easy to snack on.

Earth Rated Waste Bags (link):

Earth Rated waste bags are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof! Their packaging and the core of the rolls are also recyclable.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Mollie, Jess, and Sadie who all belong to Madeline’s (featured in August and October 2020: each month is individually linked) family! Mollie (right) is a Maltise Shih Tzu mix and is the oldest dog on our list. Madeline says she is bossy, loves cheese, and greenies. Sadie (middle) is in fact a Golden-Doodle, but she didn’t get much doodle, and she loves her family, the lake, and giving hugs. Jess is our youngest puppy and she is a Bernese-Doodle who is sassy, smart, and needs all the attention in the world (left). Below are a few of their favorite products!

Collapsible Dog Bowls (link):

Once again collapsible bowls are great products to investment in, especially if you are someone who travels with your dog.

YETI Non-Slip Dog Bowl (link):

The YETI non-slip dog bowl is perfect for minimizing spills, and if you live near water this dog bowl is a necessity if your dog is joining you for boat rides!

Chewy Vuitton Plush Toy (link):

I don’t know what to say about this product except that I love it. My favorite dog toys are ones that are plays on human items, and when theres a fashion element it makes me want to get this toy and I don’t even own a dog (for now).

Furhaven Dog Bed (link):

This dog bed is perfect for all dogs. It’s comfortable, soft, and will look great in any home!

Fairisle Pet Bandana (link):

If you’re looking for a cute bandana this holiday season then this is the perfect product for you!

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