Fall Favorites: Express

Next up on the Fall Favorites series is Express!

Express is a fashion-forward apparel brand that supplies their customers with the latest trends and wardrobe essentials. I enjoy shopping at Express because they are able to supply my need for today’s trends at a reasonable price and good quality. Another cool feature from Express is their Style Trial Rental, where their members are able to rent any and every Express style for a flat monthly fee. You, the customer, are able to choose which styles, keep them for as long as you want, and return them at your leisure. There is no fuss or muss, Express takes care of the cleaning and shipping fee, and if you fall in love with a certain piece you are able to purchase the item at a discounted price!

If you would like to learn more about Express’s Style Trial Rental click here

Below you will find my favorite fall pieces from Express (click on the image for the link):











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