Favorite Makeup Products

Madeline and I are no beauty gurus, but we are both young women who look for the best beauty products for both our skin and our wallets. Below you will find our favorite makeup products and the reasons why they are our go to items!

Madeline’s Favorites:

Makeup Bag (link)

Madeline loves this makeup bag because she can easily fit all of her makeup inside, making it easy to travel!

Concealer (link)

Whether it’s covering dark circles or acne, Tarte’s Shape Tape is the product you need if you’re looking for a smooth and full coverage concealer.

Bronzer (link)

With Fall and Winter approaching and many of us losing our Summer tans, bronzer is a great way to add warmth and color back into the face. Madeline’s choice is the Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer from Too Faced. This bronzer has a chocolate scent and when applied to the skin gives off a natural and non-cakey glow.

Eyeliner (link)

Eyeliner can always be a pain to apply, but with Tarte’s liquid liner this process just became a whole lot easier. This liner has a felt pen tip and is easy to apply without having to worry about smearing and smudging.

Liquid Lipstick (link) & Lip Gloss (link)

When it comes to lips Madeline can’t get enough of the Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick from Too Faced. This is one of her favorites because it looks great and doesn’t transfer. However, since it is a matte lipstick, in order to give it some shine she applies the Buxom Plumping Lip Gloss as her finishing touch.

Janie’s Favorites:

Makeup Bag (link)

This Jon Hart makeup is my favorite because it fits everything I need to travel with and is super sturdy.

Elf Primer (link) & Maybelline Primer (link)

At the beginning of my makeup process I always start by applying a primer. Primer helps to even out the skin and create a smooth surface for applying concealer and foundation. My favorite primers are Elf’s Poreless Face Primer and Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer. They are my favorites because they are easy to apply and lightweight.

Elf Concealer (link) & Tarte Concealer (link)

When it comes to concealer I am also a fan of Tarte’s Shape Tape, but I am currently using Elf’s Camo Concealer. The Camo Concealer is full coverage, and is an incredible dupe of Tarte’s Shape Tape for a third of the price.

Loose Powder (link)

Instead of using foundation as my overall coverage, I am more into Loose Powder. I have been using Bobbi Brown’s Loose Powder since I began wearing makeup. I always return to this powder because it lasts for a long time, is lightweight, and helps me achieve my desired natural look.

Bronzer (link)

I am also a victim of losing my tan as Winter approaches, but my Hoola Matte Bronzer helps me add color and a warm glow back into my face.

Blush (link)

The finishing touch to my face is adding a bit of blush to my cheekbones. I use NARS blush which is super pigmented with a smooth application.

Mascara (link)

When it comes to mascara, this is the beauty product where I have been most adventurous. However, after years of trying different brands and formulas CoverGirl’s Flourish by Lash Blast Mascara has become my favorite. The wand makes it easy to apply and keeps my lashes from clumping.

Eyeshadow (link)

As for eyeshadow I am no beauty guru with my application, but while looking for a palette I’m drawn to neutral colors that can be applied easily. Tartlette in Bloom by Tarte is a great eyeshadow palette that contains neutral tones where each shadow is highly pigmented and goes on beautifully with minimal fall out.

Lipstick (link)

As for my lips I usually only apply lipstick when I am attending a fancy event, and when I do reach for a lip product my go to is the Milani lipstick.


Brushes: Bobbi Brown (link) & Morphe (link)

If you’re looking for brushes I have owned Bobbi Brown’s since I first started applying makeup and they are still a part of my makeup routine to this day. However, if you are looking for brushes that are more affordable Morphe has great quality brushes and brush sets at a lower price. I also suggest purchasing Morphe’s brushes during Black Friday to Cyber Monday because they typically have great deals.

Setting Spray: Elf (link) & Morphe (link)

For the beauty gurus that I follow on social media Setting Spray is crucial to some, but a myth to others. Setting Mist is supposed to help set your makeup and keep it from running and smearing. I have used both Morphe’s and Elf’s and I see a difference in the longevity of my makeup with and without it, therefore it has become a crucial part of my finishing process.

Makeup Pins (link)

These are a recent purchase of mine from Amazon and I find them so helpful! Instead of having to pull my hair back into a ponytail or headband and worrying about if either will leave crimps I now use these clips which keep my hair out of my face and don’t cause any damage.

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