Fall Favorites…

Fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion and in a few short paragraphs I’m going to explain why…

First, I have an abundant amount of outwear for someone who lives in Alabama, but I am in love with every jacket/coat that I own and could never imagine of parting ways. My favorites are a navy blue faux fur coat and a light blue velour moto jacket with a wool color. I love them both because, first they add a pop of color and fun to any outfit, and secondly blue is my favorite color and they make me happy when I add them to an outfit.

Secondly, I have an astronomical amount of boots and I don’t feel bad about owning that many, because I wear every pair multiple times each season. Boots can be worn for any occasion and can really make or break an outfit. Plus there are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors and one of the main reasons I am always looking forward to fall is because that means it’s time for boot season.

Another aspect I enjoy about fall is the color scheme. Black is always a major color during the fall/winter season and I love my black jeans. They make any outfit look put together, plus black is a slimming color. I also enjoy wearing browns, greys, creams, and blues because although they are minimal and some might say ”boring” colors, they can all create chic outfits through styling. However, we can’t forget to include pops of colors such as hunter green, crimson red, burnt orange, plus many more.

I also enjoy fall clothing because it is comfortable yet chic. A key outfit for many during this time is a simple sweater and jeans, which is both comfortable and can go from casual to chic with the right accessories.

Speaking of accessories there are countless that can add a fun twist to your outfit. There are scarves that can be simple and add a pop of color, plus ones that have different designs and can make a statement. Plus there are hats such as wide-brimmed, baseball, berets, and beanies, all perfect to tame your hair on a windy day. Headbands were also a huge trend throughout the spring and summer and can make any easy transition to fall by switching up the  materials to leather and velour. Belts are another key aspect to pants, skirts, and dresses. They can be skinny and a neutral color, or bright and bold. Jewelry is another way to add some fun whether it’s through a pair of statement earrings (my personal favorite) or keeping things neutral with gold and silver.

There are countless reasons as to why I love fall and the latter only scratches the surface. Which is why in the next couple of weeks I will be compiling lists of my favorite fall finds from different clothing stores, and I will even be doing a haul/review on different products. So if this sounds interesting to you make sure to follow me on Instagram at just.jane.elisabeth and that you are signed up to receive an email every time I post!

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